Robots are the future that humans are making
In 2022, robo-companies plan to increase their staff by 20%. We help them find the best specialists.

Over the years of working in the industry and collaborating with the Global Robot Cluster, the YouTube channel PRO ROBOTS and Alisa Koniukhovskaia have become acquainted with most of the robotics companies in the world.

Now we are focused on helping professionals find their dream job.
RoboJobs is a service that helps you find and hire robotics specialists
Labor Market Challenges
in robotics
Companies are unable to find
qualified specialists
Standard search tools do not work
Graduates do not know
how to find a job in their specialty
High growth rates of companies and
staff shortages
For applicants

RoboJobs is all about helping robotics professionals find prospective job

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Publication of your vacancies on our website and LinkedIn

Got an opening? Send it to us at!

The opening will be published on both our and our partners' social networks.

The terms of cooperation are discussed individually.

RoboJobs live streaming

  • You send us your openings
  • We announce them in our social networks and collect a pool of resumes
  • You participate in a live stream of PRO ROBOTS YouTube channel (several companies) and tell about your company and vacancy
  • Listeners ask questions in the on-air chat, and speakers choose the best ones to be interviewed on the stream
  • After the stream, job seekers also send resumes and we redirect them to you

Coverage: 5-20 thousand views

Result: opportunity to fully tell about your company, increase brand awareness and close the vacancy

Cost: 500€

Integration with PRO ROBOTS

  • Information about your vacancy and company will be included in the popular PRO ROBOTS video
  • Time of integration into the video is 1-2 minutes
  • We will collect requests for the vacancy and will send them to you. Requests will be accepted within two weeks after the publication of the video

Coverage: 10 - 50 thousand views

Result: improvement of brand awareness

Cost: 700€

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