Map of Service Robotics Companies in Russia
290 companies in Russia
In Russia, 290 companies develop, produce and integrate service robots for business, and all of them are now collected in one place. Thanks to RoboJobs there is now a map of service robotics companies in Russia.

According to a report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the global market for professional service robots reached nearly $7 billion in 2020.

The top five trends in the industry in the world are logistics and delivery, cleaning and disinfection, medicine and rehabilitation, as well as robots for public places and robo-restaurants. All this is also relevant for Russia.

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In 2017, a robotics laboratory was created at Sber, where research projects and robots are now being created in the following areas: logistics, delivery, as well as service and personal robots.
Intehros is a developer and manufacturer of the ROIN line of robotic devices used in the nuclear industry, metallurgy, railway and construction industries, as well as in oil and gas.
InnoDrive supplies high-tech actuators and their components from leading manufacturers for robotics - maxon, Harmonic Drive, GYSIN, Parvalux, Elmo Motion Control, Android Technology.
EvoAvatar is a brand of service robots founded in 2021 by Artem Lukin. It specializes in development and integration of robots for small and medium businesses. Part of TECHNORED, leading robotics company.
All 290 companies are categorized into 23 sections. A company can be marked in several sections if it develops robotic solutions for different application segments
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